Brand or Flag Transition Services

BayStar takes a holistic approach while helping you choose the right flagship or brand. We make sure that you get flexible and beneficial terms, attracting new customers while retaining your already existing customer base. We work towards helping you choose a brand that would uncover hidden revenue potential of your business while giving the best hotel experience to your customers.

Asset Quality Assurance & Brand Adherence

BayStar provides practical recommendations and plans to maximise returns on your property. We work to optimize both top line revenue and bottom-line results to enhance your hotel value.

  • Exterior Appearance and Curb Appeal Excellence focus
  • Creation of Room Amenity and product placement standards
  • Creation and implementation of property Standard Operating procedures
  • Implementation of operational quality assurance programs to ensure product   excellence
  • Brand Standards compliance with Flag Quality Assurance & Mystery Shop programs
  • Enhanced COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols and Procedures

Financial Analysis

We specialize in maximizing the return to your investment with both short-term profit optimization and long-term operational cost control. We help in optimizing your profits while keeping up with your competitors.

  • Annual Budget Creation
  • Implementation of Proprietary Financial Reporting
  • Cost Analysis and control utilizing the latest technologies
  • Capital planning and analysis with an emphasis on ROI
  • Distribution and revenue analysis/strategy to maximize revenue and profit
  • Identify new Online Revenue Sources
  • REVPAR vs. Comp Set Analysis

Hotel Vendor Support

BayStar offers a wide array of industry leading vendors to support every aspect of hotel operation including:

  • Property Lock system
  • Property Management System, Guest Room & Amenity Supplies
  • Chemical & Dilution Systems
  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • General Contractor
  • Landscaping
  • Room Case Goods
  • Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s)

Market Share Analysis

BayStar Management’s expert helps you determine better and more efficient business strategies to increase your revenue and attract a wider customer base.

  • Determination of market segment & market mix
  • Maximize Market Penetration based on Amenity mix
  • Determination of accurate Competitive hotel mix for Smith Travel Research (STR) Reporting
  • Determine viable Amenity mix with strict adherence to Brand Standards.
  • Utilize STR data to maximize RevPAR & ensure properly priced